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FoodArt UK has been started as an ethnic food & drinks wholesale Cash and Carry and Distribution company based in Enfield, London in 2006, and now, the company has grown into the UK’s leading ethnic community importer, with over 2000 products and over 3000 customers including independent and chain stores such as Cost Cutters and Londis all over the UK for 14 years.

FoodArt UK now has extensive bulk storage facilities with 1250 square meters, over 2000 pallets of stock space, 6 trucks, separate customer entrance and goods inwards doors, and full forklift facilities allowing fast and efficient on or off loading. Additionally, our team of friendly staff are always available to assist and are fully aware of our customers’ requirements, providing not only first-class service but the smile as well!

What is more, FoodArt UK supplies Cash and Carries all over the UK and mainly appeals to Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Turkish Section. We supply over 2000 products from Poland including, Sokolow, Tymbark, Hortex, Pudliszki, Profi, Hochland, Lu polska, Agros Nova, Jutrzenka, Jana, Zott etc, and many more… We are building strong relationships with our customers by offering the best deals and offers every week.

FoodArt UK Ltd has always had a policy of decentralisation, believing each country knows its own market and is best able to adapt the Polish brands to local preferences, backed by the strengths of a multinational group. Stressing high quality standards, the firm supplies its consumers with commodities from Turkey and European markets. Its distribution network does not only cover London but whole Britain including, Bristol, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Dover, and more.

The secret of FoodArt UK’s success is identifying what customers’ needs and when it comes to simplifying the ever-changing needs of customers’ everyday business life, FoodArt UK’s team will always be there to find the best solutions.

FoodArt UK’s vision is to build a strong relationship with customers and suppliers by offering the best value to them.

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